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hyperseasonal + heartfelt haute cuisine

A native of Oakland, California, I grew up steeped in a rich culinary culture- an incredibly diverse international food scene, iconic slow-food institutions like Chez Panisse and The French Laundry, where fresh and seasonal reign supreme. My farm-to-table craft is heavily influenced by my California upbringing, and it's been wonderful to bring such rich traditions and inspiration to New York City.

To me, food is equal parts fuel, art, and a conduit for both joy and community connection. My popups feature elevated Americana, and my signature private offering of "hyperseasonal + heartfelt haute cuisine" weds my belief that cooking is an act of love with high caliber presentation, creativity and attention to detail. I cook in deep connection with the seasons and I pay homage to historical culinary traditions from around the globe, making all preparations from scratch and hand-picking the highest quality ingredients sourced locally and sustainably.

With over fifteen years of professional experience, I've become the trusted go-to culinary resource for a wide variety of clients including families large and small, CEOs, celebrities, Silicon Valley VIPs and the NYC and Hamptons elite. I always bring my personal touches of warmth and joie-de-vivre to the proverbial table- whether at a catered event, a brand consult or a private home. I'm deeply passionate about food access and justice, the well-being of the humans and animals in every stage of the food system, and dismantling diet culture.

kayla simone fowler

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